Take Action for Health

Get Involved

Here are some rewarding ways to help keep your friends, family, and community healthy:

  • Share Take Action for Health messages.
  • Use The Ubuntu Program for Emotional Wellness—a uniquely created, ready-to-go program for African American community groups. It is a 4-part workshop series with an easy-to-use leader guide that will help you start a conversation about stress and how it affects our daily lives.
  • Consider attending Mental Health First Aid, a state-of-the-art public education program available in communities nationwide.

The Ubuntu Program for Emotional Wellness uses an integrative holistic approach to health that builds on cultural strengths. The balance of four key components—community, body, mind and spirit—is integral to the daily functioning of African Americans required for their health and emotional well-being. This curriculum is distinct from other interventions in that it addresses the legacies of resilience and vulnerabilities from the historical trauma of slavery as unrecognized sources of stress in African American communities. (Lewis, et. al., 2013; Weil, 2013).

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