ubuntu workshops

Ubuntu means “I am who I am because of you.”

Current events have caused high levels of stress and anxiety (citation). You can help your friends, family, and community cope with stress and support their overall emotional health with The Ubuntu Program for Emotional Wellness. This four-part workshop series comes with an easy-to-use leader guide that you can use to talk about stress and practice ways to feel less stressed. The workshops use resilience from the trauma of slavery. (Lewis, et. al., 2013; Weil, 2013).

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  • "I didn't know that there is also good stress!"

  • "It was a very helpful program. I wish it was longer and an ongoing program that helped pinpoint stress and how there are some good and bad stress points."

  • "It was educational, emotional, thought-provoking, and fun. I enjoyed the class thoroughly!"

  • "It was sad it was such a short set of classes. Thank you for creating such a much-needed class."